Voicing Variations. Interview with Rosaria Lo Russo

Lorenzo Mari intervista Rosaria Lo Russo sulla sua recente produzione poetica e saggistica.

This interview with Rosaria Lo Russo focuses on her recent poetic and essayistic production – including her translation of Anne Sexton’s The Book of Folly –  in order to underline the crucial importance of voice in her approach to poetry, performance and translation. This red thread – as well as the one concerning female authorship and several others – can be retraced in Lo Russo’s essays about Dante, Pirandello, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, in her longstanding translation work on Sexton’s poems and in her latest poetry collections, Anatema and Unamedea.

Mari, L. (2022). Voicing Variations. Interview with Rosaria Lo Russo. Between12(24), 577-586.

Intervista a Rosaria Lo Russo- di Lorenzo Mari